Education Is Just Leftist Malware

October 11th, 2018 11:45 AM

by James Santagata

What you received was worse than being deprived of an education. If you were simply deprived of an education, it would be a fairly simple matter to apply yourself, and remedy those gaps or that deprivation. What you were given was Mental Malware which includes desensitization scripts in the form of Mental Root Kits. Extremely hard to identify, surface, and remedy. So rather than someone not teaching you how to read a map, they gave you a fucked up map to begin with ,and then instructed you how to read it improperly (the Sun rises in the West and sets in the South, and that you should never question the map — if you come across a Ranger, an authority figure or even Smoky the Bear, listen closely for instructions. Then they sent you in the wrong direction for those 12 years. So even if you figure it out, you have to backtrack, lost time, energy and earnings to back to where you would be if you never went to school! Except now you are exhausted, pissed, distrustful, and have to fight cognitive dissonance. If they simply gave you no “education” you wouldn’t have to unlearn, and unlink the malware.

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