Harman on Abandoning Hope for Western Women, And Resorting to Self Defense.

By Ely Harman

At this point, I officially no longer care even about legitimate victims of rape or victims of legitimate rape or whatever you want to call them.

Too many of them, in a blind, senseless, rage, mean to make ME a victim of a suffocating and overzealous matriarchy that won’t even address, but will simply compound, their own troubles.

For an example, look at those shrieking harpies who cornered Jeff Flake in that elevator. Ok, maybe you were raped? What does that have to do with Kavanaugh? Sure, the guy is a stud. But he can’t be responsible for ALL the raping. Screaming at Jeff Flake about Brett Kavanaugh is a total non sequitur and attempted miscarriage of justice motivated not by reason or even self-interest, but by vengeful hysterics. And Jeff Flake knuckling under, even just a little bit, makes him a weak and spineless cuck in exact proportion as he lends credence to their infantile tantrums. Furthermore, wasting the moral and emotional weight of their experiences on naked partisan hackery devalues OTHER real victims, and makes it less likely they’ll ever see justice in their own cases.

But that last is a moot point, because assuming that institutions have any business preventing or redressing the emotional anguish of women supposes that there was ever any hope of incorporating them into masculine societies on an equal footing, with rights, responsibilities, and all that other jazz, same as men. But all we’re doing now, all day, every day, is proving that hope was always foolish and vain.

I don’t want institutions to protect women at all, because I don’t want them to listen to women at all, and I don’t want their officers to care about women at all, because women will simply try to take advantage of that in silly and self-defeating ways.

I want institutions and their officers to protect me and my sons. And as for my daughters, me and my sons can do our best to protect them… But I will not sacrifice my sons for my daughters, or anyone else’s, because it’s simply not worth it. It’s not like they’d provide anything worthwhile in return, but only far LESS of what worth they CAN provide under a vigorous patriarchy that disregard their wishes (or demands) totally.

2 responses to “Harman on Abandoning Hope for Western Women, And Resorting to Self Defense.”

  1. White women are, as a group, our class enemies. They are something to be overthrown and defeated. We must love and cherish the individual women in our lives and teach our daughters properly, but the others are to be viewed with suspicion and contempt.

  2. Women are like children, they dont have much agency. To regain control over them, we must defeat those who controls them now (who sets ideology in our society)

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