Legitimate Bounds

by William L. Benge .

So then boundaries defining internality vs externality in our case are not any sort of artificial “cultural construct” but derive from actual tests which transpired and were recorded over a very long period of time, and thus gradually formed into the official unique history belonging only to our group, with it’s special peculiar narrative and body of legal and moral precedents which also systematically evolved into wise, time-tested, sensible norms.

What we now observe in modernity, however, is disruption and interference with this consumption, via confusion and noise created (and designed with malice) to interrupt/ prevent/ hinder our enjoyment of these benefits and for nefarious ends. For theft. Cultural, habitual theft.

The lessers covet our more? O definitely.

The boundaries we refer to or hint at/ suggest are not in any way illegitimate, artificial but the opposite. As a concept, these delineations we speak of are immutable.

Therefore, anyone offending them must know they do so at a price.

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