Programming is a New Way of Thinking – and you need it.

IMO: Programming will help you think linguistically better than all other forms of reasoning combined, other than physics. Once you have physics and programming you have a formal logic of thinking about the real world and the verbal world. Once you have a BASIC understanding of economics as just ‘delayed’ physics (equilibrium), then you have the world at your feet.

Programming, as Minsky said, was A NEW WAY OF THINKING for mankind. It is not mathematical thinking or language thinking as much as scientific thinking.

1 – Reasoning (unconstrained) -Associations

2 – Logical Thinking (constrained, non operationally constrained) – Sets – Consistency, Non Contradiction

3 – Operational Thinking (constrained, operationally constrained) – Operations – Operational Possibility.

Operationalism: The absence of inference, and all the negative consequences of it.

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