Dear Overconfident Young Men

Dear Overconfident Young Man.

[W]ords mean what we define them to mean, that is why definitions evolve with our knowledge.

I have to convert terms and phrases, sentences and arguments into operational language, and deconflate terms into series in order to increase precision and prohibit error, bias, and deceit. Ergo, words mean what I define them to mean. Reforming language is part of what we do here in our pursuit of defeating the lies of the left.

re: A term such as natural law. Search my site for ‘a short course in natural law‘ for definitions and explanations.

I use the internet for market testing, not peer review. You aren’t the peer review because you lack sufficient knowledge to function as a peer, or a reviewer. at best you are a market test of the difficulty of educating the ignorant and lazy, who demand spoon-feeding in fast food rather than engaging in educational discourse. yet i am at present investing my time in attempting to educate you anyway. because i understand the folly of young men, but also that such folly can be put to good use if correctly directed.

I don’t make claims I am infallible, only that I limit myself to claims upon which I have performed the scientific method of due diligence against ignorance error bias, fictionalism, and deceit. As such it is extremely difficult to err. and I have applied this technique in many fields so I have accumulated an inventory of claims I can make with high confidence. Otherwise I say I don’t know, or the question is undecidable, or my presumption not having performed due diligence, is that this set of options is possible.

I teach men by playing King if The Hill Games, and rewarding those that succeed with feedback and additional investment in their progress. The internet is a locker room and I teach men in men’s fashion: dominance play.

I am nothing like this in person. This is my job and it is how I have learned to do my job by managing, teaching, negotiating with, and persuading people over decades.

I have written about each of these topics dozens of times.

Yet you walk into my virtual classroom and presume you are a font of intelligence, wit, wisdom, knowledge, and virtue, and have no idea what goes on or why, nor basic knowledge of the subjects spoken of, when in fact you are just another young man taught by too many women and postmodernists to have conviction despite your ignorance.

I teach many such foolish young men. and those who have the intellectual honesty to admit their error are the ones I invest in.

Things are not what they seem on first blush. First blush is nothing but a measure of your ignorance of the context.


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