The Institute: Our Purpose

(Note: Preserving a bit of history: this was our institute’s mission statement as a think tank. Our new mission as an educational institution is to distribute rather than just research.)

[T]o convert western aristocratic egalitarian philosophy into rational and scientific terms: Anglo Conservatism is the remnant of the European Aristocratic Manorial system and the Classical Liberal philosophy of the Enlightenment combined with our ancient indo-european instincts for group persistence and land-holding: truth-telling, the jury, and heroism.

This philosophy – which separates the west from the rest – currently consists as a set of sentiments rather than as an rationally articulated philosophy expressed in scientific terms. And without that rational articulation, conservatives lack the ability to create and promote a plan that is a positive and rhetorically defensible alternative to the hazards of accidental bureaucracy and purposeful socialism.

This lack of an articulated philosophy leaves conservatives vulnerable in the public debate with Schumpeterian public intellectuals whose advantage in both volume of production, and simplicity of argument poses a nearly insurmountable challenge.

Propertarianism solves this problem of supplying a necessary, sufficient, and formal articulation of western aristocratic egalitarianism in ratio-scientific language, and the means by which to restore our civilization to its competitive advantage: Truth Telling Suppression of Free Riding, and The Construction of Commons, embodied a formal, logic, of law.


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