Blocking Policy

[I] hate blocking people and my block list was very short until peers and followers asked me to stop wasting my time; to clean up the feed; and to preserve the educational environment.

I teach the Law and its application. I run a class 24×7 to a global audience. My goal is to preserve the environment.

1 – Wasting my (our) time. Which consists of:
2 – Ridicule, Sarcasm, Gossiping, Rallying Shaming, Moralizing (GSRM) as a substitute for argument.
3 – Memes as a substitute for argument. (no meme zone)
4 – Intellectual Dishonesty in argument
5 – Antagonism as a substitute for argument.
6 – Faith or Sophism as a substitute for argument.
7 – Occasionally: Argument from Ignorance and Arrogance (attacking the work while not knowing enough to do so.)
8 – Occasionally also: Common Stupidity, Schizotypal stupidity (paranoia), Other Psychological Problems.

– Good natured teasing. I am easy to tease. Height, age, generation, weight, aspieness, number of women/divorces, tech stuff, abundance of typing mistakes, being a 1%er, teaching by king of the hill game, the difference between my real and online personalities. You know, the list is endless.

I (we) practice reciprocity. So if you use GSRM against me (us) , I(we) will use it against you … and then return to the central point – over, and over, and over again.

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