What Are the Legit Crits of Prop? (One More Time!!!)


—“Curt: honest question: What are the faults/weaknesses to propertarianism? I am a supporter but no human system is perfect and would like to know that you have thought out how to beat your own plan and what are the counters to slow or stop those from happening. Keep up the good work. Thanks if you respond.”—

Um. I publish legit criticisms all the time. There are a few.

They are all reducible to:

  1. Its big, complex, deep, and hard to learn. It is. The more I undrestand it myself, the more I understand that this scale of thing has only happened three other times in history. But people want something simple-stupid like libertarianism or progressivism. It’s not an ideology. it’s the completion of the scientific method, it’s application to all human thought, embodiment in the law, and means of restoring our civilization.

  2. People want a political ideology, religion, or secular religion (philosophy) and prop is simply science and law, with ADVICE on religion and secular religion.

  3. Jewish, christian, islamic religion do not come off very well, and I have not found a way to accommodate christian mysticism.

  4. Everyone wants a monopoly (religion, authoritarianism, fascism, anarchism) when we must use each of these components in every society – we cannot have a monopoly on any of them. People want me to take a stand on THEIR preferred way of organizing society – i use all of them.

  5. I suggest a few methods of governing across various peoples and various conditions with the law being the only constant. People want me to take a stand on THEIR preferred order. I use what is required.

  6. I am an unabashed elitist working in favor of my people, but other than knowing what is good for my people, I do not consider their understanding of the world very valuable. Only the set of demands they have, not their way of satisfying them. ( I do not claim to be a good, a moral, or decent person or anything of the sort, I only claim I am correct. God knows I’ve made the same mistakes everyone else has. )

As far as I know there are no extant criticisms of the work itself and it will be extremely unlikely such things will arise other than in nuances. This is revolutionary and once you understand it your life will be changed forever.

… are listed in Section 3 Here:

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  1. I understand the frustration with the Abrahamic religions. I’ve been calling them ‘The Abrahamic Trilemma’ for years and years – a 3-way unsolvable problem. In fact, what’s ahead could be called the Abrahamapocalypse, as it is conspicuously noticeable that Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, etc. can claim no blame in the world’s current problems. A very simple fix would be to add into the existing 1st Amendment, “…, in as much as said religion has nothing in its literature, writings, teachings, or preachings which denigrates, denies, or demonizes any other religion;…”

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