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A very insightful article.

â??Most of the groups that split from the Ron Paul movement are caught in a political twilight zone, forever pontificating about unattainable and ultimately illogical goals, unable or unwilling to ask the questions that finally, fully explain what makes society function.â?

â??Yes, social systems and principles are important, but who builds social systems and outlines principles? People. Humans are not robots that can simply download new moral schemes or codes of conduct; we are animals, many of which cannot understand or be made to care about anything more complex than where the next emotional or sensory thrill will come from.â?

â??In the end, libertarianism fails because it is trying to answer a question of who? with a description of what. The critical factor in society and politics is not systems and principles as such; it is if and how certain systems and principles can ever be adopted â?? which leads inevitably to the question of what human material provides fertile ground for what systems and principles.

Libertarianism, it turns out, is simply an â??autisticâ?? codifying of what most white males do, and value, without being told. Or, perhaps more accurately, libertarianism is a codifying of what most white males would do, in a world in which they were not browbeaten and fooled into endorsing Marxist egalitarianism.â??

â??Alt-righters, broadly speaking, are just libertarians who realized that we â?? that is, white people â?? cannot save the world. We cannot rewire the brains of black or brown people, or even Northeast Asians, so that these groups will, as groups, enthusiastically embrace Lockean property rights. It will simply never happen. A multicultural utopia â?? of a libertarian or any other variety â?? is biologically impossible.â?

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