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by John Mark

“Somebody (Curt or me or some other propertarian) needs to debate (whoever).”

Not really. There is no “need” to debate. We’re selling a product in a sense. A fairly complete and polished one. Nobody else even has a product on the market, really. Apple & Samsung don’t “debate”, they just put out their products & let people analyze & decide for themselves. And in our “industry” there is no one else even competing in the market (for workable right-wing solutions). Everybody else is hoping for a strongman or wishing people would unite around their religion (won’t happen).

I’m still waiting for someone who wants to debate or criticize to write a constitution. Until then they’re just giving our product free publicity. And unless they have a big audience that hasn’t already heard of us, why “debate” when we could get equivalent exposure more efficiently some other way (for me, making more videos).

-John Mark

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