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We’re accustomed with being lied to and so the deceiving subverters will often put many lies on the table of options. Sometimes those lies are very palpable and familiar, because those options are very tangible, in the sense we can select them and they would have very tangible consequences and realistic outcomes.

An example? Take Communism. We can see this option on the table, and while it is full of lying, we know that if we were to select it, we understand its outcome – for better or for worse.

Yet there is a worse kind of lie still. A lie which presents itself as not only appealing because it appears to be in full alignment with your ideology, yet it is physically & tangibly unobtainable. Here’s the crucial danger: it will parade itself to be the answer of the most reasonable category and persuasion without empirical demonstration.

An example? “No lords or kings for me.”

In reality – we don’t get that option. You either have dark lords who rule from the shadows of the modern, Democratic post WWII state and central banking (with no accountability), or you have lords whose names you know and whose self interest is in total alignment with the well being of his subjects without parasitism. This lie is critically dangerous because it can only continue to thrive as long as we believe in a mythology of supporting lies which makes it seem palpable, especially in the United States. To be clear – you have never NOT had a lord – even though you may have not known his name. Yes Americans, that includes you.

The worst lies are the lies which appeal but can not be realized without us knowing it.

“The utility of a lie is determined by the desirability of its repetition. Lies are information products like any other market product. ” – Curt Doolittle

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