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I don’t think you understand.

The existing common law consists of that which the judiciary will decide, and the state will enforce under the presumption we are equals.

The existing continental law consists of the presumption of a feudal difference between the state and the citizenry, and that the citizens are permitted that which is not prohibited or commanded.

The existing and past soviet and islamic law, consists of the presumption of enslavement by the state or the priesthood’s false god, and the the limiting of one’s actions to that which is permitted.

“The White Law” consists of that law of cooperation, the abridgement of which demands adjudication, and restitution, for us to refrain from extermination, enslavement, or enserfment.

it is a via-negativa law. It is a law of those who are equal in sufficient agency to be granted agency by one another – with the rest of man, beast, plant, and matter to be defended against in the interests of our continued production of agency, and continued transcendence.

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