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One can have an interests in the criminally obtained, or the reciprocaly obtained, or obtained by homesteading (creating).

Potential Property consists in those interests that have been obtained under the natural law of reciprocity.

Property by norm consists of that which others agree not to impose costs upon.

Property rights consist of that which is not only norm but insured by a third party to whom you may appeal for enforcement.

It is not JUST that one demonstrates property by what he defends – he demonstrates INTEREST by what he defends, but he cannot defend an interest that which was produced by crime or deceit without violating the natural law of reciprocity.

I think what seems circular to you is that you’re not starting with reciprocity first, then evolving property from it, and instead, trying to (impossibly) evolve reciprocity from interest.

Reciprocity > demonstrated interest > agreement on scope (property) > insurance of scope (rights)

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