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We are going to need:
… (a) coaches/mentors for young men, and a way to filter those coaches to eliminate the quacks and losers, and we will seek to concentrate income in small numbers of them.
… (b) a class in teaching mindfulness (self authoring) in the three points of the spectrum: stoicism, epicureanism, and aristocracy (the amount of available agency). Again, concentrating income in small numbers.
… (c) a participating network of Paintball/Airsoft groups
… (d) a participating network of firearms instructors/ranges that teach not TARGET shooting but fight-shooting (i have specific requirements for this).
… (e) a VERY select group of fire-and-movement trainers in the SWAT rather than MILITARY experience. (De-emphasizing patrol and emphasizing strikes and raids. )
… (f) a VERY select group of martial arts (striking, wrestling)
… (g) “the idiots guide to lifting heavy things.”
… (h) ” organized hiking, camping, marching etc” events with barbeques or sandwitches. afterward.
… (i) political event participation in the assistance of others without drawing specific attention to the institute or the movement.

Fighting and shooting are high returns for the first 20%. In other words, 80% of the benefit of training is in the first 20% of the training.

This is how we make men fit.

Most young men who need this kind of thing do not have a lot of extra money. We need to make sure we are using scale so that we keep the prices down for them.

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