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—“Curt, How are the courses going to work?”—

Well, lets get across the principle reason we need the university format.
(a) To provide you and others confidence in your investment of time and effort.
(b) To provide social, physical (fitness, fighting, war) and strategy (how to conduct war), the natural law and government under the natural law – the most ‘complete’ western aristocratic education that you can recieve.
(c) Our methodology requires a rather great deal of general knowledge that you have been denied in order to suppress the continuation of western civilization.
(d) To provide consistent training so that you all ‘sound the same’, and therefor preserve the brand value (persuasive value) of the methodology.
(e) To provide the full set of courses necessary for a judicial priesthood in the natural law, to transform our civilization just as thoroughly as did the M-P-F’s.
(f) To weaken any possible criticism.
In other words, this is going to be, as is in all my work, serious.

The courses will work just like college/university:
1 – Lecture (video),
2 – Assignment (usually short essay questions), and;
3 – Online discussions (in other words, a lot of help is available, because that’s part of ‘our thing’ is teaching one another.)

You will be able to just engage in online conversation, to join social events and activities, to take individual courses, or to take a certification in a series of courses, or to get a degree.

These courses will be (I promise) as good or better than those you would receive in the top ten universities. If you want to study law, it’s yale and harvard, if you want tech and science it’s MIT and Stanford. But if you survey the courses at these universities and compare them to ours, you will find that we are teaching far more substantial content than those others do, even at that level of university.

Part of the Accreditation process[1] requires those who teach warranty the students achievement. So this requires high investment of my time. So the first generation or two will get access to me. Afterward I do not know since I expect to do a lot of work generating the course material. I assume (hope) others will move in to teach the course. I know others who could do so already.

The workload will be the same as university, which is two hours of work to every one hour of course time. This is extremely hard for me to judge and we will have to tailor it going forward. Mostly I see short readings with some writing.

Some classes are 6 credits (two semesters of work) and some are 3 (one semester’s worth of work), and I have added some 1 credit courses as well. We are not bound by time constraints as much as universities so I will accelerate or slow the courses on demand

So, this is not one of those multiple choice things (gut courses). We want our education to be meaningful androck solid and doing it online this way produces extraordinarily good data for the accreditation process.

I think grades are going to be ‘incomplete’, ‘complete’, ‘distinction’, ‘honors’.

I am trying to figure out how to prevent people from overreaching their abilities, so that we don’t have a high drop out rate, or make people unhappy and critical. And so we are going to have an ‘application’ process that does some limited filtering for some of the classes, while say, the combat and weapons classes we just want to know if you’re mentally stable. lol.

Oh, and until we have accreditation (which takes years) we will charge the minimum possible for each course that we can.


[1] regarding accreditation: In the USA anyone can start a college or university, offer training, credits, and certification. It is up to the market to determine whether those certifications have any value. The purpose of Accreditation for the student is to understand the value of those certifications, credits, and degrees in the market. The purpose of Accreditation for the organization, is the access to student loans it provides. Access to student loans will allow us to scale quickly.

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