Curt Doolittle updated his status.

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—“Contact Us Message: I would very much like to interview a representative of the institute. I will be interviewing John Mark in early April. Keep up the good work.”—

If your question is political and strategic then best to ask John Mark.

If your question is about our methodology, it’s best to ask Brandon Hayes. I think he will do the best job. I can give a dozen other names but at present I like to give Brandon some worthy attention. I doubt you can ask a question that requires my response that will survive on air.

If your question is about our relationship to christianity it’s best to ask James Fox Higgins. I don’t know anyone who understand my position better than he does. Aristotelianism (science), Christianity, Paganism (our old gods) and Heathenism(our germanic myths and tales) are inseparable from our civilization. They must stay. My concern is providing a reformed version of christianity going forward that eliminates marxism, postmodernism, and feminism, and provides a european church for each segment of our peoples. My problem has been an inability to restore the christian church to its central position in opposition to the state. I can find no means of doing so. This was the reason for my many attacks on the church. I was looking for a way to do so. But it’s just not possible.Christian wisdom is insufficient a replacement for christian faith because faith is too necessary to too many for reasons of genetics we cannot escape.

(For transparency: I may be ‘christian’ in the scientific sense, a deist in the jeffersonian sense, but I am christian last among science(truth), heathen (nature), Pagan(heroes), and Christianity (love).)


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