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(Note: I try to collapse one of the major the cycles of history here, and repeat the same idea from different angles because while the underlying causes are not that difficult, it seems relatively difficult for most of us. Repetition solves that problem.)

So Nation = A Race or Subrace or Tribal Group of Similar Genetics, Language, Culture, Traditions, Institutions, and Group Evolutionary Strategy. Period.

Everything Else is Just more sophomoric postmodern term abuse.

|KIN| Individual > Family > Clan > Tribe > Nation > Race > Man.

|TERRITORY| Land > Lands > Country > Empire

|RULE| Warriors > Militia > Military (Insurers of Last resort) > Rule(Decidability, monopoly on power) > Government (Management, monopoly on commons) > State (Corporation holding Assets, monopoly on foreign relations) > Empire.

In the context of this discussion, either you have a Nation-State, or an Empire. Nation (people), Nation-State (political order), Empire (multi-national political order).

We use the term International as a shorthand for inter-imperial, stat, and national. Largely because our terminology evolved during the era of nation states dominated by european nation states – each of which was and always has been an empire, forcibly created by napoleon in france, by the invention of total war, and causing the rest of the world to react to scale in order to produce militaries of capability to resist them.

America, Russia, China, and India are Empires. The UK is either a Federation or an Empire, and increasingly demonstrably a Federation. Italy consists of the north and the south – although Federated or Imperial a question unresolved. Spain because – because of her regional conflicts, an empire. France because of Brittany and algeria an empire.

The Universalist (pseudoscientific-marxist and sophist-postmodernist and denialist-feminist) movements attempt to construct a redefinition of terms to fool the idiots into working against their interests by reversing eugenic paternalism.

The Particularist (scientific, empiricist, paternalist) order simply states what exist, and asks us to choose which order is in our interests, advocating the preservation of eugenic paternalism.

It’s not complicated. It’s the pseudoscientists, sophists, denialists, and outright liars and idiots that make the current world APPEAR complicated by layers of loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, fictionalism, and deceit.

These questions are all open to simple answer. But the dysgenic left kleptocracy attempts to achieve by pseudoscience sophism denialism and deceit, that which the jewish, christians, and islamists achieved by supernaturalism, sophism, denialism and deceit: another dark age, in the multi-millennial war between the eugenic indo europeans, and the dysgenic afro-asiatics.

Indo European Expansion by Heroic Paternal Militarism vs Semitic invention of Religious Resistance

Greco Roman Expansion of Empiricism vs Semitic Religious Resistance

Anglo-European Expansion of Science, Law, Accounting, and Technology vs Semitic Pseudoscientific, Sophist (pseudo-rational), Denialist, Resistance.

Just the eugenic masculine heroic aristocracy against the dysgenic feminine resistance.

Male vs Female at Scale.

Males fight ingroup for position (pack strategy ). Females fight ingroup to Destroy and never stop (herd strategy).

Males fight outgroup to cooperate or destroy. Females encourage outgroup to undermine ingroup. None of this rational choice but purely genetic and evolutionary in influence.

Surviving Europeans, the Conquered Persians, and Lost Indo-Aryans applied the male strategy of colonize and domesticate for profit. Semites (afro-asiatics), apply the female strategy and use disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, and reputation destruction to excite the underclasses to rebel against those who have made their circumstance possible.

The story of Cain and Able is the story of paternal urban agrarian vs maternal herding wanderer. And the different moral intuitions between them and between men and women continue to determine our cyclical competition.

Unfortunately, the female intuition is only useful at social scale, and the male intuition at political scale. And when the feminine wins, as we have seen, the great civilizations are destroyed, just as much from plague and war without but from undermining within.

Version Two
Jews (undermine) > Christians (acquiesce) > Muslims (conquer and replace)

Version Three
Marxists (undermine) > Postmodernists (acquiesce) > Islamists (conquer and replace)

The test of Racial competition of whom only the east asians and indians seem willing to resist by cultural means in india(culturo-centrism), and by state means in china, japan, and Korea (ethnocentrism)

That is the explanation of the cycles of history at scale.


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