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—“Propertarianism is bullshit. It’s mental gymnastics for above average IQ spergs. @curtdoolittle doesn’t even have a book defining it. It’ll never catch on. Nationalism, Populism, Socialism, these are already popular among Americans and don’t require new gobbledegook ideologies.”— @HonkHonkler88

We don’t do ideology. We do law. Countries are run by an operating system we call ‘law’. It’s the only way that they CAN be run. You can build all three of those ideologies, but you must do it with law. And to do it and prevent (((enemies))) you must do it with Propertarianism.

We don’t do ideology. Because we do law we do policy. People will vote for and act in favor of policy. What you mean is stupid people can’t argue law and policy. I agree. They don’t have to. They just have to fight for something that is ACTIONABLE rather than an empty word.

You have no leaders. Because you are from the bottom. The bottom never leads. So be nice to your betters who work in your interests despite your thankless ignorant overconfident empty words.

In fact, all you and those like you do, is illustrate to your betters, that maybe you deserve to disappear into the night.

(BTW: book or not, except for the very formal work on logic and grammars, the content is all online and easily understood by anyone with a high school education and access to wikipedia. We are in an era where wiki has replaced Britannica, and living documents online replaced books.)

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