Curt Doolittle updated his status.

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It will take only one gathering of 1M men.

—“Curt Doolittle with all of your followers you could pull this off today. Whatâ??s the hold up?”—Steven Gant

A moral license (100%)
A set of demands (constitution 60%)
A a plan of transition (70%)
A mens of insurrection (100%)

My solution makes people like Yang look like kindergarten teachers. It’s mostly organic. In all our people’s interests. And it is almost impossible to resist – other than by politicians, bureaucrats, and the financial sector.

The worst thing you can do is bring a product to market too early, or to move from research and development to marketing, or from marketing to expansion, before the market is ready.

As I said to other ‘leadership’. The only thing it will take within a year, is for about 12 of us to ‘agree’ to stay on message, and it’s done. Any one of those who doesn’t agree is done forever. So it will be some set of them.

But it has to suit the timing. Timing matters.

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