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James Fox Higgins understands like few others the difference between discussing what is and what we can, desire to, and should be.

Everyone else wants me to produce a via positiva ideology philosophy or religion. When all I am doing is producing the law that prevents reconquest of our people if we impose it.

And I have not had this experience with any other christian thought leader. When we are talk I am free to say “I can only say that this is what is – that this is law. I do not say what should or must outside of that law.” This is my version of humility. I leave the good and preferable, the inspirational and the spiritual to those for whom those things are important.

For me, I see heathenism (the dead and nature), paganism (social archetypes), christianity ( political ideals), Militia and Martial Participation as (spiritual), and stoic training in mindfulness as components of my religious portfolio. But I am ABLE to do so. Not all of us are able without training. Some are not able to do more than one. it is too much for them.

My view of our future is of a god (universe) of many faces (archetypes), many levels (scales), and each of us practices a group of rites (debt payments to) the faces of that god we best depend (are indebted to).

Natural law and jesus’ five rules are identical.
The ten commandments are simply statements of property.

—“You cannot derive an “ought” from an “is”… without an “if”.”— James Fox Higgins

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