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David Carr

—“Curt, I would like to draw your attention to a historical curiosity. Some time between 600 and 800 AD all the nations that comprised Western Civilization at the time gave up their unique writing systems and accepted an “innovation” from Holy Rome that replaced the traditional legends of symbols with a phonetic reaction ethic. This appears to have given us an edge in the realm of creative daring, at the expense of societal cohesion and discipline as a social standard.”—

Um. This is an false narrative. The Futhark was an invention in response to other writing systems, sometime after 300. We do not know where it originated. There are stories of migration of leaders from the caucuses. But trade was common and it come from general contact. It is most similar to Linear B, early Greek, and Etruscan – though simplified for carving. It’s less similar to Roman, Phoenician, or Cuneiform, which were for writing (roman, phoenician), or stamping in clay (cuneiform) more so than carving.

Latin and Greek were the written language of literate peoples. And remained so until printing, with german literature dating back to the Carolingian period (700).

The vocabulary and ideas in greek and latin, vocabulary and ideas in french, and vocabularies and ideas in german were as tehy are today, vocabulary and ideas of the classes.

I disagree with your position. The reason they remain ‘cohesive’ is because they have not been invaded, and are too far behind the curve of adoption of modernity.

—Societies that retain their legends of symbols (Hebrew, Arabic, every Asian language, etc) do not have our modern problems. They remain fairly cohesive, avoid suicidal ideologies, generally operate as societies.
Might it be time to return to our roots, and establish a Legend of symbols within the Anglophone paradigm?”—

you call chinese and arabic peoples cohesive? indian? No, they are just backward.

We are in the lead, we experiment. we adapt, and sometimes we adapt poorly.

This time, it’s because of semitic influence just like it was in the imperial period.

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