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AFAIK the only means of improving cognitive performance that has any basis is (a) disciplining your executive function (b) physical fitness and health – particularly water and oxygenation, (c) accumulated general knowledge, (d) investment in more than one discipline that forces you to settle competitions between the frames. Everything else is simply ‘learning’ not ‘improving’.

Intelligence should consist of that information and repetition necessary for you to identify and permute upon increasingly divergent, increasingly recursive patterns in time.

The only way to improve that is to cut the cost of pattern identification by ‘loading patterns’ – meaning ‘reading’ in the past and may be ‘reading and watching videos’ in the present.

Simple Formula:
“g” general ability both performance and verbal + Short term memory + general knowledge + work (personality traits) – stupid ideas(and there are a lot of those) = demonstrated general intelligence.

Lift heavy things. Run fast a bit. Read Shit. Train Your Brain to Focus on what you want it to (mindfulness), and work your ass off.

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