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by Rosenborg Predmetsky

Something I’ve been considering: A forceful imposition of obscenity laws that criminalizes and censors pornography and public display of sexually arousing material, because the catastrophic psychological insecurity created in women by such media is precisely what motivates them to so profoundly resent men that they engage in their sociopathic revaluation of values that privileges the morbidly obese, the ugly, the mutilated, the masculinized, etc.

Men exist not only to protect women from other men, but also from the ruthlessness of intra-sexual competition between women, and we protect women from other women, because the female underclass lashes out at males when they are made to feel worthless.

Women have a need to be desired, seen and recognized, and being sexually desirable is one of their main means of doing so. On the one hand, the unnatural supra-normal stimulus generated by the ubiquity of fattening food and a sedentary lifestyle, has caused women to become monstrously ugly, and on the other hand, totally unrealistic portrayals of female beauty causes even the more attractive women to be extremely insecure. So the situation we’re in is profoundly unnatural.

Women need to test men to feel safe and desired, to test their loyalty and desire. But they can never feel safe or desired in our current context, and their reaction to this despair is the kind of despairing rage that is the rough equivalent of a mass incel shooting among men. I think even 2nd wave feminists are actually on to something when they argue that women shouldn’t have to shave their bodies or face.

Some women will complain that men are stifling their sexual expression. And they are right. But men need to learn to say “no” to women. Cultivating a healthy limiting impulse would lead to much happier men and women alike. Patriarchy, properly understood and implemented, is a necessary precondition for a healthy society because female sexuality is always already as aggressive and dominating as men, just in different ways.

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