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—“How do you get women to leave the workforce? Reduce incentives for them to choose a career over family? If so how would that work?”—John Smith

It’s not important that women leave the work force so much as that we lower the burden of not being in the work force so that women work for luxuries, socialization, and joy rather than out of economic necessity at the expense of family.

There are women who will always feel the drive for achievement just like men do. There are plenty of women however, who would prefer to maintain a comfortable middle class lifestyle, while raising their children without compromise.

1. Distribute liquidity (money supply) directly to consumers, instead of thru the financial system.
2. Eliminate Consumer Interest on durable goods.
3. Restore voluntary disassociation, so it’s not necessary to ‘buy a home where good schools are’ rather than have good schools by prohibiting peoples who ruin them. We can make most neighborhoods good neighborhoods again -without much difficulty.
4. Eliminate subsidy for non-degrees in non-subjects.
5. Eliminate communal property, alimony, and child support.
6. Tax Freedom for self-support of 4 or more children.
7. Involuntary Sterilization of dependent mothers.
8. Restore universal male service, and continual fitness for service through age 60.
9. Reduce junior and high school to half time and part time work thereby eliminating jobs for immigrants.
10. This ends the ignorance, desocialization, and lack of agency an of teenagers such that they do not enter maturity with pent up sexual, social, economic, frustrations.

We subsidize bad behavior. end the subsidies and the behavior will end.

—“Those solutions lighten the burden of raising a nuclear family and help people avoid debt pitfalls. So that definitely helps women choose not to prioritize work over family. However, there is social status and wealth you can get from choosing a career over family. Women, like all humans, like wealth and social status. What’s stopping a female from becoming career oriented because she wants wealth and social status?.”–John Smith

Women are not like men. They are much more signal driven. Change the signals and change the behavior. We will never turn back the clock. But we can rebalance the distribution.

—“Very interesting Curt, thank you.”–John Smith

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