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What are priests selling in exchange for income and status?

Is christianity history or mythology, true or poetic?

Is there life after death or not?

Is it truly wisdom or is it a means of self deception?

If you learned stoicism instead of christianity, and if you learned history and science instead of mythology and supernaturalism would you and your people live a better life?

Why did we rise out of superstition ignorance and poverty once we restored aristotelian thought, and literacy rather than semitic thought and illiteracy?

Why did we have such a drastic increase in quality of life after the church was no longer able to prey upon the people through rents and tithes?

Why are we vulnerable to marxism, postmodernism, and feminism if it is not for christianity?

Why is christianity taught and argued using the same techniques as marxism, postmodernism, and feminism?

Why do christians let our people be conquered rather than fight like the pagans do?

Why are pagans and atheists so desirous of conflict and the christians cowardice?

Productive (fail) it’s parasitic.
Fully informed (fail) it’s totally false.
Warrantied (fail) they can’t warranty supernatural.
Voluntary (fail) threat if you don’t comply
Free of Externality: the externalities are suicidal.

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