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Now, you just cherry picked a few thinkers each of whom was his generation’s first convert to aristotelianism. Spinoza was kicked out once he read european thought. Mendelssohn was trying to modernize in REACTION to western thought’s progress, and Von Neumann and Einstein were part of the first few generations of jews tolerated in europe – both having integrated into aristotelian thought and all but converted to christianity.

The reintroduction of greek thought into europe was produced by a series of waves from the crusades, the transition of islam to ‘closure’, and the retaking of spain.
Jews were the most literate people in europe for almost a thousand years and what did they accomplish other than setting the record for being purged for crimes against the people? Any literature? Any art? Any science? Any technology? Any medicine? Any legal system? Any Country? Any polity other than the pale for which they were justly punished by the locals?

So you engaged in precisely the form of lying that christianity and judaism and islam teach, and which I expose and fight against.

And so, why didn’t you mention Marx, Boaz, Freud, Lenin, Stalin, Adorno, Derrida, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Hollywood Leftist machine, The NYT et al,, the finance industry and the pornography industry?

Why didn’t you mention the 100M dead because of marx, the jewish bolsheviks, and the crisis of fascism in order to stop them? The pseudoscience of boaz and freud that destroyed our soft sciences. The utter fabrications of adorno and the frankfurt school? The warfare against our people by adorno and derrida, selling lies and destruction to the first mass generations of women in the academy?

The total suppression of western thought from ww2 forward?

The enemy is among us and the Christian gives that system of lies constant nurturing and support.


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