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Two challenges:

  1. Timing. In many secession-ripe states like Texas, by the time most whites/rightwingers wake up sufficiently to actually demand secession & make it happen, their states will be close to, or already, blue states due to immigration. (This boil the frog problem – whites buy the equality lie until reality hits them through experience at which point it’s too late to fix peacefully – plagues the West in general.) Presumably blue diverse people won’t want the state they live in to secede for the purpose of becoming full-on blood red in policy/law. We need to move fast if this is to work.

  2. The elites don’t care what the people of America want. It is great to hear the stats about how much support secession has among Americans both right and left. (Again, however, presumably blue folks won’t want their state to secede to become more red. They might support half a state breaking away, but that’s more complicated to make happen though not necessarily impossible.) But the elite establishment stands to lose massive power & wealth if they let secession movements flourish & win. They will do everything in their power to stop it. Every dirty trick in the book, flood those states with diversity, possibly/likely attempt to use the military if necessary. (That could be complicated for them as we see from the stats about the military, but remember the elites would be desperate to stop it.) Cuz they know if one state does it others will follow & that will be the end of their gravy train. I’m not saying it’s impossible by any stretch, just that “what the people want” is not the only factor.

All that being said secession is a great option if we can make it happen.

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