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—“Why though?”–Spencer Randolph

It’s a non-argument, usually used against me, when in fact, I am a member of the Jones generation (between boomers and Gen X) like Gates, Ellison, and Jobs, and I don’t share ANY values with the boomers. I want to end them. And make them pay. Jones generation is star wars/indiana jones/blade runner/alien Neuromancer/Snow Crash, first home computers, first video game consoles, and the founders of the tech boom.

—“Fair enough. How would you describe the epidemic of political ineptitude displayed in large part by the particular aforementioned and verboten generation?”—Spencer Randolph

I don’t disagree with criticisms of boomers. I disagree that I”m a boomer.

Demographers classify generations by population cycles.
Social Scientists classify generations by shared experience and values.

I hated those ‘boomer’ fkers and I still do.

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