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—“Can you define the essence of Propertarianism? There’s a saying “I have found the essence of Bushido – To die” Is there something similar in regard to Propertarianism?
So for example: sovereignty and reciprocity?”—

lol… what does ‘essence’ mean?

Propertarianism isn’t ONE thing.

It’s a collection of things.

But let’s use poetic license:

The essence of P-metaphysics is the grammars.

The essence of P-psychology of acquisitionism – all human psychology can be explained as acquisition.

The essence of p-epistemology of testimonialism is the completion of the method.

The essence of p-sociology of compatibilism is the division of perceptual, cognitive, memory, advocacy, negotiation, and labor with cooperation as a test of comparison.

The essence of p-ethics (propertarian ethics) is reciprocity as the test of comparison and property as the system of measurement.

The essence of p-politics (the natural law) is strict construction using all of the above.

The essence of the western group evolutionary strategy is the uniqueness of aristocratic egalitarianism: heroism and excellence, sovereignty and reciprocity, truth before face, and duty before self and family, Rule of law and the Jury, and markets in all aspects of life.

So the essence of propertarianism (the set of all ideas) is that this set of ideas that unifies all disciplines of human thought into a single commensurable system that is contiguous with physical science.

So if you had me make an analogy to the essence of bushido, it’s “The essence of the uniqueness of western civilization” written in logical and scientific terms.

I mean, you guys can ask me to simplify it all ya want but it’s not simple. It’s A LOT OF STUFF


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