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—“Hello Curt, I’d like to check in with you as to when the courses start on Is LAW103 (The Method: The Core) the first one that’ll be held? Do I understand correctly that it will start on this Monday the 25th? I think you posted that on FB at some point. Just wondering what I should do next. Thanks”—

The course LAW103 will start this week, and I will dribble out the content as we go. (Dribble is the technical term in the software, which i find kind of ‘humorous’. )

A course consists of Lessons, which consist of Topics. A topic consists of one or more videos, and an assignment.

Maybe wait until I get a few topics or lessons out (a week or two) then sign up and catch up on those lessons. (They are quite a bit of work.) This will also ensure i don’t get overwhelmed learning how to run the course myself. (although given the high quality of responses I think it’ll be easier than I thought.)

I’m running behind because the ‘hit pieces’ made me burn two weeks on their nonsense. So I’m still producing the content.

I’ll announce on the FB feed when I think more people should join up without missing out, and ‘notify’ everyone via the application (institute site) email.

So. Assuming you’ve Applied (completed Course APPLY01), and if we have approved your application. you can fork over your cash in a week or two.

It’s more ‘enjoyable’ to progress along with everyone else. But it’s not required. It’s not like a classroom. We need each other to do the work, but we don’t have to all work at the same speed.


Hugs. Thanks for asking.

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