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AFAIK book Q is lost. This draft produced an oral tradition. The oral traditions spread and was modified and added to.
The ability to rally the underclasses by it to violence against the romans and greeks spread revolutionary insurrection and resistance just like did Marxism in the present world using the same false promises.

This new religion provided a revolutionary vehicle, and people piled onto it in revolt.

Judaism > Revolt against the agrarian and metalsmithing peoples (fertile crescent empires).
Christianity > Revolt against greeks and romans. By undermining the minority aristocracy of the west.

Islam > revolt against ALL aristocratic civilizations – justifying destruction, conquest, and stealing everything not nailed down.

Marxism > Libertarianism > Postmodernism > Feminism > Neoconservatism > Islamism : Revolt against ALL the great civilizations – in a desperate attempt to restore underclass rule.

One continuous dysgenic, decivilizing, revolt against the indo europeans and their expansion, and their conversion from feminine underclass to masculine aristocratic rule.

The war will continue until we name the war for what it is, and end it one way or another.

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