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This is true. IMHO india was abused as were all colonies.

That said, (a) india had one of the earliest advanced civilizations. (b) did not withstand the IE expansion, nor the muslim expansion, (c) did not wall herself off like the chinese, (d) were not able to produce a strong enough central government to do any of the above.

Why? because whatever the reason – it remains india’s problem today.

The more i understand it, (other than the ‘filth’ and irresponsibility for the commons), Indian thought, history, culture, religion is envious, but progression from poverty slow despite it. Why?

It is not european colonization that helped the world, but colonization and the profits therefrom that funded western IDEAS that helped the world – both in the ancient world and in the modern. And it was the Semitic Dark Ages that did the opposite: spread ignorance, poverty, and dysgenia.

And it’s still happening.

We all need to practice natinoalism and end this fking terrorism of each other under the banners of ideology and religion.

THERE IS ONLY ONE LAW of human cooperation and that is Reciprocity at every level, personal, familial, tribal, and national. Every other action is parasitic. And if one must be a parasite to survive, then others must prosecute them in self defense.

One has no right to religion that circumvents this law. And if one must practice a religion counter to this law, then one’s actions are parasitic. And they must be prosecuted in self defense.

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