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—“Propertarianism is a cult for people who want to sound smart but aren’t.”—Kev Ahimsa

—“Zero irritation, Jeremy. This is a lie. I ask simple questions.
Then Curt gets angry and calls names and says (in many more words) “I don’t owe you a response, you’re not smart. My ego is bruised. Good luck in the civil war on your own, loser.”
I’m open to seeing where I’ve been very irritated.
If that happened, it’d have been a wrong response, and I’d own it. No reason to get upset over the internet.”— Noel Fritsch

—“There are 2.2 billion Christians, do not alienate them Curt Doolittle, they could be useful allies”–…. This is almost verbatim from one of his posts. I’ve been following quietly for 2-3 years now, and do not chime in: “Hey Curt. I realize that the majority of American Jews are communists, but I would really like you to alter your philosophy to accommodate my needs. Just ignore the truth, ok? I am ostensibly looking for a better world for my family, but I would rather not upset the status quo, so just work that out for me. Stat. Just leave my religion alone.” What if there are in fact fundamental errors that need to be corrected?— Jeremy Bernstein

(Thank you Jeremy Bernstein)

Don’t be dishonest Noel.

I get frustrated because you are trying to advance supernaturalism and the means of deceit it is communicated with, and I’m trying to end it – plus you engage in GSRM.

So It doesn’t have anything to do with wit wisdom or quality of your questions, or depth of your criticism, or your character, it has to do with you’re WASTING my time. And you are wasting my time (just as you are now) because there is no ‘TRUTH’ argument for your cult – there is only ‘UTILITY’ argument.
Well, there is utility argument for every excuse. Same argument EVERY cult, ideology, or philosophical disposition makes. It’s undecidable. Truth provides decidability. Utility only provides preference.

Truth doesn’t unite into a monopoly (which is what you want – monopoly of lies) it unites on MARKETS under RULE OF LAW, where every little group gets whatever it wants in TRADE, without such horrors as Xian, Muslim, monopolies.

So stop wasting my time. You and yours are the enemy of our people preventing the restoration of our people from the curse of supernaturalism and deceit.

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