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Rothbard (Jewish Pale) and Hoppe (German Free Cities) via positiva, via rationalism. Doolittle(Rights of Englishmen) via negativa, via empiricism. Construct a value system by appeal(RH), or prohibit an anti-value system with violence (D). Inspiration and indoctrination (RH) vs prohibition and market for prosecution(D). Unlimited suppression of parasitic behavior that generates retaliation (D), suppression limited to intersubjectively verifiable property (RH). Suppression of blackmail, defamation, public sophism, supernaturalism pseudoscience( marxism, postmodernism, feminism, denialism). Doolittle: existential survivable without imperial protection, vs Rothbard and Hoppe: dependent, non existential without imperial protection. Doolittle: demonstrated, vs Rothbard and Hoppe: not demonstrated, not modelable, not survivable under competition. RH not possible due to praxeological incentives, and D possible because of praxeological testable incentives. No RH community can form or survive market for polities without parasitic dependence upon an empire because of insufficient incentives for defense and production of commons and their resulting multipliers in competition with free riders. vs Any D community can survive in the market for polities because it does not depend upon an external empire because of sufficient incentives for defense and production of commons and their resulting multipliers in competition with free riders. Crusoe’s island depends upon the ‘free’ protection of a vast ocean. The ghetto depends upon the host city or state. And the Free Cities, The Pale (european wildlands), The American/Australian wildlands, and Iceland/Greenland – all depend upon the host empire, and are economically subsidized by lack of political competition, and the availability of cheap and settleable land. The ghetto ethics of the jews and being exterminated for it on a regular basis versus the high trust ethics of the people who dragged humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance superstition poverty starvation disease hard labor early death…. and the quality of life that people seek despite the costs of commons required to do so. ie: RH consists of pretense that ‘children’ polities, subsidized by parents, can compete against adult polities on their own merits in competition by military, political, economic, religious, demographic, warfare that never ends.

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