Curt Doolittle updated his status.

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—“Hey Curt; Any [stickers, patches, flags, banners, clothing] by chance? “—Devon Chamberlain (and 100 others)


John was waaaay more successful than we thought and demand is outpacing our abilities – and while I started putting the institute site together in December, we are still in startup mode, and we are going to be for six months or more.

At present we just have the web site, and one class ready, one in production, on in research, and three in draft phase. So you know, it’s going to take us a year at least to fill out the courses.

And the ‘marketing stuff’ requires I devote time to researching, getting the stuff produced, finding a fulfillment house, etc…

So you know… I”m kinda in that place where I said I wouldn’t put myself again, which is extremely overloaded. So I’m just going to take my time and get things done as they can get done.

It takes years to get accreditation. It takes years to build up curriculum. It takes years to find and test out instructors. So I’m playing the long game here, because otherwise I can’t do it. Too much.

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