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—“I didn’t read the original post as a statement on individuals but as an accurate blanket statement for evolutionary reality. The concept of a state as an organized political entity can be defined as the possessor of a monopoly on violence over a geographic region. Even when setting matters of brain structure, psychology and evolutionary strategy aside, we still know men are objectively superior to women in terms of physical ability and strength. Women are objectively superior to men in terms of their ability to physically create life. Superior physical strength is the sole precursor to securing a monopoly of violence over a region. Having the physical ability to create life is the sole precursor to securing a monopoly on the means of reproduction within the secured state. Men will always have dominion over the political base, and women will always get to decide whether they eat their young or perpetuate the State. It’s impossible to not notice the intrinsic value women are born with compared to the necessity of men to actualize their potential.”— by Beth Melton

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