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—“I just realized that if the Jews went through a genetic bottleneck where they transferred female-primary traits to the males and thus the entire gene pool, that would probably mean the psychological profile of hypergamy got transferred too. This may also make sense of why the caricatures of them portray them as what basically amounts to a dependent female opportunistically switching men (host nations) when the harpy has sucked him dry of resources and his capacity to self-direct by interfering with his perception (media), manufacturing discord in his social circle, etc.”—

I told you that this was the reason. It’s genetic. you can’t ‘convince’ them any more than you can convince women. Now we just need 20 years of research to narrow the genes down so we can describe how. That said iv’e been studying this problem forever and it’s pretty obvious.

“They’re all female”

Hence we need law to defend against female traits.

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