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Every group with every grammar of cognition can use Propertarianism: religious, ideological philosophical, scientific, or practical. We can all use this law to unite behind policy rather than religion, philosophy, or ideology. So don’t make me a ‘cult’ leader. Don’t ask me to be one. I’m not special. I’m just a guy working on one of the great problems of our age – and because of the great minds before me, and the shoulders I can stand upon, I did. So I’m not special. Propertarianism is like having a superpower, just like aristotelian reason, empiricism, and the scientific method were like a superpower in ages past. So understand, it’s not me it’s the methodology. I’m only special because this superpower is rare at present. With some work you can learn this ‘superpower’. And then for you too, the world will ‘fit together in very nice clean obvious puzzle pieces’. But I’m not important. I’m not special, and I expect to generate leaders who will use this superpower. I prefer to wear my metaphorical Odin robes and pointy hat, and advise leaders – not be one. Aristotle changed the world of mind but it is Alexander who conquered the world of men.

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