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You didn’t make an argument. right? There is faith and there is reason, and faith exists to give a discount on reason. It’s not complicated.

If your generation and your class are still dependent upon faith enough that my work isn’t valuable then that is not uncommon in history. and future generations will have the ability to choose.

But data is in my favor. The religious are now the same percentage as the atheists. And as always we see movement to the extremes. Either atheist or evangelical with all other churches collapsing.

Because in modernity we have the luxury of pursuing our cognitive preferences. Because there is no longer a need for ‘compromise communities’.

Now,lets look at your abrahamic lies to show you how you are a liar, traied by liars, to lie, and why you fail:

—“People make those arguments all the time, curt.”—

Which tells us nothing about their truth or falsehood.

—“Your narcissism prevents you from seeing them, much less reflecting upon your ideas.”—

Either my ideas are true or false. They have nothing to do with my personality, or my psychology. gravity is gravity even if a madman proclaims it. Reciprocity is reciprocity even if psychopaths proclaims it. The source of a statement has no bearing on it’s truth.

—“There is no sense in arguing with a man who has to be right at all costs. “—-

You mean there is no sense arguing faith and psychic benefit against someone who seeks the truth, and will not compromise to make the faithful happy. In other words you are shaming like a woman assuming her affections are wanted. I want the ability for our people to engage in political divorces not your approval or demand for compliance with your trivial emotions.

—“Enjoy your fb following of fellow spergnerds arguing about faith and falling in to irrelevancy because the vast majority of people are turned off by not only your ideas, but how you communicate them. “—

Except that over time that’s not what happens, right? we keep growing. We keep growing because truth, the utility of truth, the policies possible under truth, will save our people, and are the only plan our people have. I dont expect you to like me or my ideas. I expect you to follow your self interest and survive – or not, and to die off. Because you have a record of increasing rates of failure in competition with judaism-islamism. YOu fear aristotle like church fathers yet it is aristotle that saved europe not only from islam but from christianity.

—“You are doing nobody any favors.”–

I am disciplining wayward children so that they can survive in a world hostile to naivety.

—“I look forward to seeing the comments about how I was too low IQ to get it lol.”—

I haven’t noticed that you’re too dim whatsoever. I’ve noticed that you are using the female argument of disapproval, shaming, ridicule, and rallying in order to defend your addiction and lack of agency.

The right answer is. We must win. I will keep my faith. But we must win for me to keep it.

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