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—“Thereâ??s research out there that proves that we all have religion whether we know it as God or not. If itâ??s not God, then it becomes something else, like politics or science or sports for example. Read Dr Clay Routledge if you donâ??t believe me.”—@laurthecatholic and @spatiumleo

We all need generaal rules of cooperation, and we need a hierarchy of graceful increase in precision and graceful failure given our ability, knowledge, and available time and resources – from parables, to histories, to sciences, to calculations.

Not all people have ‘religion’ in the ‘made up lies’ type of thing and the east asians laugh at those who do – rightfully.

We need mindfulness. We can teach truthful mindfulness, truthful history, and it is more beautiful than the death cults of primitive desert dwellers rebelling against their indo-european masters.

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