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—“Not sure “continuous recursive disambiguation” really clarifies anything!”—Dennis Spain

You probably don’t know how to write software, haven’t read turing, nor chomsky, because that’s what ‘language’ means.

Continuous (a stream of sounds), recursive (passing ‘state’ – you might think of this incorrectly as ‘accumulating’), disambiguation (removing error).

Just as science is falsificationary, language is falsificationary.

Sounds in a stream should result in continuous decreases in ambiguity until the point at which we establish a context, a contract for meaning, and a warranty of due diligence limiting that meaning.

Which is what a ‘grammar’ means: Rules of continuous recursive disambiguation.

(Turing > Chomsky) + (Weber > Mises > Rothbard > Hoppe) + (Hayek) -> Doolittle

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