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—“Curt Doolittle , I would submit to you this fact, even if many Christians are nominal and not walking out all the prescribed teachings of their faith, the teachings are still sound and available for reference in order to keep some semblance of functionality for the greater society as a whole..”— Bab Sorgente

Um. I would say that they (christians) would rather we institutionalize christianity in the constitution as the practice of the five rules of christianity, the natural law of reciprocity, and that no other religions counter to such may be tolerated, would give them sufficient license to show that their religion is in fact ‘True’ when taught as a mythology of wisdom literature, and only ‘false’ if they teach it as history. (because that is what most smart folk in the world think.)

I am a christian in that it means property rights (ten commandments), the sacred (limits to my rights of expression action and thought), natural law (reciprocity), and jesus teaching (exhaustion of all possible opportunity for forgiveness for ingroup members). THIS IS THE STRATEGY BEHIND CHRISTIANITY.

But the magic man nonsense for illiterates and morons so that they believe an omniscient and omnipotent yet never evident someone worth worshipping as a slavemaster loves them despite their low status low agency and low ability – is just that and nothing but fairy stories for slaves to tolerate their enslavement until death.

So we are really in a question whether we continue the evolution of our religions of heathen, aryan, greco-roman, christian, philosophical and scientific into something we all can COMPROMISE UPON, or we can keep those individual religions and agree only on the scientific substance behind all our natural religions – the ~22 Laws.

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