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(diary: My aunt Barbara, an unattractive woman, was a villain to my (sweet naive, moral) mother, and forever duplicitous, manipulative, instigatory, married to a man of questionable sexuality, and covered up infidelities by her brothers wherever they (frequently) occurred. But then that side of the family is a train wreck of pettiness, alcoholism, and desperate attempt by lower middle and middle class people to hold to the pretense of upper middle class and lower upper class history. All great families regress to the mean without constant selective breeding and high investment parenting. Our paternal family did not survive the postwar period with remaining potential. And my talents are oddly the result of the french side, who were economically crushed by the depression period. I have far more in common with the lawyers, politicians, professors, and once-farmers on my mother’s paternal side than what remains of our once great family on my father’s. Worse, great families are one of the targets of the policy of the enemy. in fact the enemy’s program can be reduced to a war on our families.)

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