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As I’ve stated repeatedly, and especially recently.

  1. Propertarianism’s natural law consists largely of the extension of fraud protection from commerce to all walks of life. This has been necessary to save our people from extermination, because of their genetic, cultural, and religious vulnerability to false promise and sophism (fraud).

  2. Our people are being conquered in the present by the use of a particular technique invented by the ancient jews, and practiced today: false promise and baiting into moral hazard, and argued with pilpul (justificationary sophism) and critique (critical sophism).

  3. Marxism (working classes), Postmodernism(intellectual classes), Feminism( women) and denialism (political classes) are simply another means of defeating europeans in the present using the same techniques as judaism (undermining) , christianity (weakening), and islam (conquering) in the ancient world. And we were only saved in the past by the restoration of aryanism by the northern europeans in both the old and new worlds.

  4. The abrahamic religions are a cancer to mankind: judaism, christianity, and islam and they have destroyed or nearly destroyed (us), every great civilization of the ancient world. They are, figuratively, the most dysgenic thing that has ever happened to mankind, with only Manorialism, aggressive hanging of troublemakers, wars, and harsh Winters providing resistance to genetic cultural and institutional regression.

  5. However among those lies exists the optimum group strategy which is the reason that christianity assists primitive people in developing a middle class:
    a) that the commons is sacred – meaning not for personal consumption or cost imposition.
    b) the eradication of hatred from the human heart. c) the extension of kinship love to non-kin.
    d) the demand for personal acts of charity and personal cost,
    e) the extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war.
    This strategy is, scientifically the optimum group evolutionary strategy – if limited to the IN GROUP.

  6. But Christianity is not limited to the in group and universal meaning it is suicidal. The strategy has a very limited range of success, and that is about the rate at which we produce generations. And therefore we cannot use this strategy in concert with immigration (invasion).

  7. But christianity says we are equal and we are not. Many people are either a dead weight or harm to the population and are best removed from it – but since others do the job of outcasing christians ‘free ride’ (break christian rule).

  8. But christians do not perform personal acts of charity today. they do the opposite. They virtue signal. And as such are no longer christian. Since without personal (not monetary, but interpersonal) acts of charity one is no longer a christian just a claim to the benefits of christianity, without paying the costs of it.

  9. The churches and christianity are in decline, impoverished, closing and absent a new generation of members (a certain death) for the simple reason: that the only religious group that reformed post-darwin were the evangelicals. They moved to jesus rather than god, they moved to mindfulness rather than submission, and they retained family, and they emphasized personal relationships and large scale gatherings. The mormons have an exceptional social order but are running out of population to convert, have broken ethnicity, and have not adjusted accordingly. These are common problems of businesses that cannot produce results without new products or new customers. Orthodoxy is less political and more ritualistic and seems to have survived simply by not seeking to obtain or retain the political and economic power of the protestant and catholic churches. Catholicism as unabashedly given up on europe and anglodom, and is an african and south american and east asian religion today – because it cannot reform nor can it survive without economic rents it had under the middle ages.

  10. I cannot and will not leave a ‘hole’ in the law for abrahamists (false promise, baiting into moral hazard, pilpul(justificationary sophism) and critique (critical sophism), and the associated straw manning (distraction and overloading), to once again come back and attempt to harm my people with their frauds. This would mean not solving the problem permanently – and our law must do so for our survival.

  11. I have deflated and disambiguated religion into its requisite components. These components serve only one purpose, and that is to provide mindfulness that is necessary given the our prey response and related neuroticism given the uncertainty of human scale of cooperation – more so than the suffering (borderline starvation) and disease endemic under agrarian life. and even more so given the current problem of the dissolution of the family – the only remaining tribe in which can insure its members.

  12. These components consist of:

(a) some method of obtaining mindfulness, through some sort of ritual,
(b) some mythology that provides a common group competitive strategy across the clases permitting cooperation without conflict toward a shared end between peoples of vast difference in ability, value, and resources,
(c) ritual of recitation, oath and feast to demonstrate and reinforce and repeat investment in that strategy,
(d) festival feast sport and holiday that again reduce the differences between the classes, and reinforce the sense of reciprocity and proportionality that the (purely analytic) subconscious mind requires to maintain trust
(c) the intergenerational transfer of familial and social debt obligations.

And these religions evolved in this sequence:

(a) burying the dead (mindfulness over loss by paying debts)
(b) celebrating victories or hunts (by paying debts)
(c) sacrifice (making a deposit )
(d) seasons (deposit and debt payment)
(e) organizing plantings and harvests (forecasting)
(f) a political religion (organizing a large illiterate society under storytelling )
(g) an undermining religion – reversing evolution and power by undermining the aristocracy with writing and speech.
(h) pseudoscientific religion – conducting warfare against a people with false economic promise and political promise, rather than life after death.

  1. A religion is not what it claims or its doctrine mandates or wisdom literature advises, but the result of their observation and practice regardless of those claims. A study of world religions through time illustrates quite clearly that while each religious system provides some benefits it comes at great cost.

(a) Gypsies and Judaism through persecution by hosts for their survival by parasitism. They are throughout history parasitic peoples. Gypsies through petty theft and prostitution, judaism through undermining, baiting into moral hazard, allying with the state, and seeking rents against the people, their culture their norms and their institutions; and islam directly so under physical threat forcible indoctrination, taxation into submission, rather than cunning and manipulation and deceit.

(b) Islam results in internal genetic, cultural, and institutional decline (accumulated capital consumption) and the inability to develop a central government, a bureaucratic class free of corruption, an educated populace, and a demographic distribution sufficient for scientific literacy and cognition.

(c) Christianity, vulnerability to deception, vulnerability to military conquest, insulation from scientific knowledge, and escapism over action, leaving a minority of the aristocratic class to parent the society in order to protect it from the same decline as islam.

(d) Buddhism detachment from reality, and the incentive for tolerance rather than action – leaving the aristocratic chinese-confucian and the martial japanese paternal classes to parent these civilizations. and the people in stasis rather than decline.

(e) Hinduism is hard to judge but it is perhaps the most honest religion, but leaves the people vulnerable to conquest by every single group that happens to wander by. Whether this is a result of demographics or the religion is something difficult to understand. But the general orderliness and pacifism of the religion and the politics, the submissiveness of the people, the lack of a militia left india vulnerable to divide and conquer politically, and easy conquest militarily. Russia has her winters and scale, but india has her population and scale, and both are difficult to defeat in the long run for reasons not related to their culture or wisdom. Pakistan is the center of ancient india and hit has been conquered and taken and is now hostile to the core of the remaining civlization.

In the old world, secular indian thought, chinese secular thought, and european secular thought appear to be the only thought of value in the world for organising a large ignorant, unintelligent, superstitious, poor underclass such that they produce sufficient income that the patriarchal aristocracy can hold the territory from conquest. The rest was just habit.

We cannot know this yet but it is likely that groups simply do then as today, practice grammars of allegory on one end and rason on the other depending upon the median of the distribution of the population and that the reason for secular and scientific rise is largely due not only to trade but to eugenic culling of the classes dependent upon superstition and deceit for survival.

  1. The west’s organizing property was the common law. The gods were not superiors but those to be tolerated or asked, or those that we might ascend into by heroism. This resulted in aa separation of rule (law) and festival (religion) rather than the totalitarian conflation of religion and law. Leaving open a competition. Greeks invented reason and moral law. Romans invented empirical law and disavowed greek idealism – in concert with traditional european tradition. The greco anatolians brought up epicureanism and stoicism as means of providing the middle and upper middle classes with mindfulness possible in the world of reason. The romans expanded it. so as far as I know the law, ancestor thanks, archetypal thanks (proxies for kin and nature)and stoicism are the only ‘good’ religions, free of the vulnerabilities of semitic deceit and the cancer they bring to each civilization.

  2. So I know how to allow our natural religion to emerge by combining the good of christianity and the good of ancestor and nature thanks (intergenerational transfer of debts), buand I now ow to use stoicism and ritual and festival and oath to restore our people. I know how to restore religion (teaching, education) to a central function of the social order. I know that wit enough time the religions will adapt to natural incentives. But I do not know how to do this without either engaging in abrahamic lying myself (pilpul) or prohibiting the church from making claims that everything in christianity is either children’s story or lie, and that we must take the wisdom from it despite its falsehood rather than claim that any of it is true. And yes, I understand that the reason these religions function is that they are producing a natural drug response within the brain’s reward system, and that followers experience an addiction response when threatened and defend the source of their addiction to the death. I understand the underlying psychology of disintermediation by fictional characters and the value this has to the human mind – particularly the dim, vulnerable, and undisciplined.

  3. Worse I undrestand that our history alone is that of gods ourselves, for a having dragged mankind out of ignorance and superstition, an poverty, and disease. And it is our people, our kin, and our civilization in the pre christian and post christian worlds that did so. And that this comparison between truth and lies makes the semitic people and their death cults look like the peasantry they are, and the liars they are, and the low trust people they are, and the cancer pon making that they are. So why submit to the gods of evil and failed parasitic and destructive peoples who are a cancer upon mankind and the bringers of ignorance and superstition and dark ages – rather than give thanks (pay debt) our own ancestors, our own ancient gods (archetypes), our own heroes and our own achievements, and the beauty, wonder, and plenty of nature itself?

  4. If we are to survive, we must survive the semites, and their death cults of judaism, christianity, and islam, and the language of death and deceit we call abraham: false promise, baiting into moral hazard, an the sophisms of pilpul and critique.

  5. It is thru the window of Christianity and the submissiveness that these people lie, bait, guilt, invade, and destroy us. If Christianity is our weakness, than I see it must be reformed from a semitic death cult to the history of a very simple man, the son of a roman solider and a jewish prostitute, with a very simple message of love for one another and the end of predation upon one another. And the rest of Saul of Tarsus’ lies must be gone forever. Along with the excuses for those lies we call theology and doctrine, and the long literature of our defeat, conquest, and submission. Instead, law, science, truth, and history and the glory and divinity of our people .

  6. So in the conflict between the future our ouf people, and your addiction to a death cult and the means of lying within that death cult – and the promise of a new religion that takes the best of all, and one of the lies, I chose the new: Our own. My people. Our people. The european people – those people that have dragged humanity from a victim of nature to its master. Man is now god he imagined. But he is so because of the indo european people, and in particular the people of europe and their stange law in the ancient and modern world, while the chinese hid behind their desert and walls and left the hard labor of resisting the animals to us. We have been at war with the semites since we crossed the bosphorus. And they have been winning for all but the past hundred years. Time to end the war – and separate from them and prohibit them and their ideas from our lands, our minds, and our religions. Because the alternative is our extinction or theirs.

Curt Doolittle
February 2019

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