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I’ll support my people who are misguided but of good heart and avoid criticism of christians as long as none of their mysticism is used in argument. I’ll support them because they are my people. And I will love them even if they are misguided.

But between heroes of history – Generals, Inventors, Scientists, Thinkers, Artists – the european heathen and pagan cults of Sky Father’s family and Odin’s family, and the indian cults of the wisdom lit, and the Wisdom of Confucius and Lao Tzu versus the entire corpus of the semitic (fecal material) of judaism, christianity, and islam, I can tolerate everything except the last – the literature of those who lie.

There is no religion superior to the history of a successful people, and nothing to worship more than our ancestors.

There are five rules of christianity that that serve the interests of the poor and I will accept these five rules – and nothing else.

I will not give attention, voice, time, or merit to the stories, rules, laws, heroes or god of our ancient enemies. But I understand that once addicted one cannot give up the drug.

Stoicism for all. Law for the aristocracy, science for the professionals, literature for the middle, and religion for the bottom, and it appears nothing can change this. We need literature that matches our agency – otherwise it is of no use.

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