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You see, you start with the supply side error of ‘fitting’ and tell me what the unicorn of metaphysics ‘is’.

I start with the demand side and ask what problems are you supposedly trying to solve.

The answer is that there exist only the material with potential to know, the experiential, memory of experience, and the products of our actions with the potential to know them.

The rest is just fictionalism.

Why: because the scale of free association is ‘exciting’ just as hallucinogens are exciting, and for the same reasons

So if you mean you want to engage in experiential fictionalism I understand it as a form of entertainment. But that’s all it is.

Experience > Free association > Hypothesis > Theory > Law.

Deflationary < descriptive < ordinary > narrative > Inflationary > Conflationary

Don’t confuse ‘Philosophy’ with ‘literature’. Fantasy literature exists in every field. It’s just that we are honest about literary fiction and dishonest about literary fictional-ISM (occult, pseudoscience, idealism, sophism.)

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