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—“Is circumcision decidable under P law? Most mammals have foreskins. A father breaks the law of reciprocity by irreversibly and involuntarily harming a child’s natural body composition when they can not agree.”— Spencer Young

Circumcision is decidable under P, because it is an unnecessary involuntary mutilation of the individual. And if self mutilation is desired it can be performed (like tattoos for example) upon maturity, by voluntary choice.

productive (false)
fully informed (false)
warrantied (false)
voluntary (false) or necessary (false)
Transfer/Loss (true)
free of externalities or consequences (false).

There are no criteria under which circumcision is not a violation of the natural law other than evidence of serial infections for health reasons, all of which are attributable to parental neglect.

( PS: Extra points for asking the correct question: “Is x DECIDABLE under P Law?” )

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