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—“When’s the book coming out?”— name of the day.

Everything is available free online. The book is a TOME. Do yourself a favor and read what’s online. The book is for ultra nerds and makes wittgenstein look like a conversationalist. If you can’t handle what’s online you certainly can’t handle the book.

Like we say in software… when it’s done. (after the courses. demand for the courses created pressure). Besides it’s all online in the overview. The book is just refinement. And I am extremely paranoid about making errors in it. Because I understand it will be under a great deal of scrutiny. Ergo I don’t think the book is much more helpful than what’s online. The overview and over 6000 articles. So I don’t feel as much pressure to publish it as I do provide the courses. And the courses help me further simplify the book.

Ergo: we are working on the courses.

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