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There are true arguments that are bad arguments. There are true arguments I don’t want to be associated with – largely permissiveness of impulse.

—“…marriage and sex limits on age need to be eliminated. …. I made a logical argument … you aren’t open to criticism like you claim…”— A Member of the Tribe.

Actually, you’re lying right?

1) I made the argument that you’re making at true but BAD argument that is not one I want made in my territory so to speak. (and I asked you to stop repeatedly.)

2) I’m saying you may possess a genetic defect that is fairly common in certain sub-groups that occurs comorbidly with higher risk of sexual identity problems, higher risk of sexual predation, higher affinity for engaging in pornography, gambling, moral hazard, and higher risk of schizotypal personality disorders.

3) I’m saying that by not dropping this argument you are demonstrating that (2*) is not only likely, but certain.

4) And you’re banned. Goodbye.

It doesn’t matter if its true and I agree. I don’t want it here any more than I want a dog scratching its ass on my carpet It’s a dog. Dogs will do that. However, I don’t want to talk about it.

Please take warnings seriously.


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