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I prefer not to punch on Peterson. I am very critical of his (lame) “Darwinian Truth” (ack). I do like his use of archetypes but not the semitic ‘submission’ despite its utility in therapy of the suffering. I prefer he spend more time on restoring Self Authoring as stoicism (development) rather than self help (correction after the fact). I don’t think he should end his straddling. He makes a sales funnel for us.

I won’t punch on Molly (although he is not gonna cut it as a philosopher and I wish he’d stop saying that) he is a great teacher, and he opens the sales funnel for us much further. … I disagree that he should move faster with our direction. He has a large audience to move and they trail. … I disagree that I should try to advocate my work on his show, I just feel that I should help his arguments when they are … insufficient (like the taleb issue).

I have never that I know of said anything bad about Woods, although if I recall I’ve pushed back on issues where he is simply wrong. Tom is a good person. And I would love it if he could convince me that the church was not terrible for our people. I don’t follow tom so much as try to understand his rather ‘normie’ position in general.

I have a personal mission to end the mises institute and their income stream unless they abandon the rothbardian fraud, and transfer to hayekian thought and western ethics.

I attacked rothbard, mises and hoppe to reform libertarianism and re-demarcate western libertarianism from semitic libertinism – and do clearly demarcate semitic pilpul, german rationalism, from anglo ratio-empiricism. I use Block (who I personally have affection for) as an example of rothbardian folly because he is the only serious rothbardian advocate of it.

My strategy was to undermine jewish libertinism, and restore western soverentarianism(upper), liberty (middle), freedom (lower) so that we libertarians can once again form the intellectual vanguard of the ‘conservative’ (male) western strategy.

I used to support Taleb but now that he’s come out as anti-white I”m going to have to put him on the ‘prosecute’ list.

I don’t ever disagree with Augustus and like him very much and I like his via positiva as the opposite of my via-negativa. I also prefer his frame of thought because he understands the law so well.

I have a friendship with the TRS guys because they were the first people to pay attention to me … and I just like them. I mean, it’s really hard NOT to like them. They’re Hysterical.

I don’t pay attention to anyone else. Unless someone swings at me. Really. Unless someone asks me to look at something I don’t.

The primary value of others is finding excuses to riff off their thoughts, so that I can illustrate a point, and continue the stream of education I provide to people. It’s this repetition from dozens of different angles, that makes it possible for me to slowly carve away and accumulated error bias and deceit.

I’m trying to recreate a frankfurt school that is in favor of our people rather than the enemy of our people. And I am pretty close to doing it.

WIth these people we can easily saturate the informational commons with our arguments. It is very difficult if not impossible to defeat them. Because they expose the methods and consequences of abrahamism and it’s predation upon our people.

Mostly I read the books, papers and blogs in Economics, Social Science, Cognitive Science, Genetics (anthropology), General physical science although I ignore biology and chemistry. Right now is a relatively dead period for economics. Social science continues to reform. CogSci (doesn’t really exist any longer but it is a term of convention now) continues to move rapidly, as does genetics. Physical science is really just improving measurements but we see very little indication of the next revolutionary step. AI is what it is and I think nothing is to be said other than we CAN make moral AI’s with propertarianism, but we cannot stop people from making immoral AI’s unless we hold people, organizations, governments, and nations accountable for doing so.

I am currently trying to understand the indian tradition and this turns out to be both interesting and difficult. The problem is finding material in sufficiently scientific form rather than the hindu equivalent of rational philosophy. India might provide an optimum solution of how to evolve a heart tradition. This is because india’s problem is simply demographic. but what passes for religion is not really good for europeans but the structure of it is … amazing. So really we have the european the indian, and confucian traditions to rely on with only the semitic as a threat to the world and mankind.

Most of the frustration I’m generating at the moment is due to the fact that I am still trying to find a way to accommodate the existing christians, and it appears that I have discovered the only possible solution because there is no direct solution under natural law (truth).

It’s harder for christians in the first place, and harder for christians who stumble upon this phase of my work. Because they don’t understand how I work through criticism.

And while I have solved the problem of religion (what generates demand). I just am struggling for a way to accommodate christians without providing an eternal weak point in the law.

It is a well understood phenomenon that overly smart folk cannot imagine the minds of not overly smart folks, and I am guilty always of overestimating the cognitive ability of others. We are all victims of cognitive biases that evolution gave us so that we would live in the illusion of greater similarity than we actually possess. The hard problems were not as hard for me to solve as learning how to communicate them parsimoniously. The hardest problem is not one which we communicate, but one which we intuit. We call this religion although it is more analogous to the “operating system” we install (train into) in our intuitions so that other software “paradigms” are open to understanding, negotiation, cooperation, and performance. But I struggle to understand and to adapt accordingly. It’s just a never ending battle.

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